Struggling To Pay Your Debt?

Don't Allow Your Debt To Destroy Your Family 


Consider Debt Consolidation Without Debt Review

You do not need a loan to eliminate your debt.

A loan merely creates more debt.

Our debt management program consolidates all your accounts

into one, lower, affordable monthly payment.

And you can do this without Debt Review or Sequestration.

You can be debt free in 3-5 years. FACT!


If you have almost nothing left at the end of the month, after all your debts have been paid, you will benefit from consolidating your debt.


Put yourself and your family first.


You can become Debt-Free too!


Here comes the hard part: facing up to your problem.

If you’re suffering from "financial phobia", you probably don’t have a clue how bad things really are.

It is likely that you owe more than you think - especially if you’ve been too scared to open your bills for a while!



Our Unique Solution


We offer a unique, simple, convenient and cost-effective option to manage your debt


  • The most important thing to do right now, is decide to take charge. 
  • Be in control. 
  • It’s easy to forget or ignore it, because debt can be scary. 
  • Don’t let your debt or anyone bully you. 
  • Take it head on and you will be surprised at how quickly it sorts itself out.

Manage Your Debt Like A Pro...

•    Step one: Take a break and collect all the info you have about your debts. Now take a deep breath and make a list of every single creditor. Write down how much you owe each one, what your monthly payments are and when each must be paid. Check how long you will be making these payments? 

•    Step two: next, work out your budget. That means include everything that comes in — salary, child maintenance and so on — and everything that goes out. Mortgage Bond or Rent, Transport. Groceries, Child or Family support etc. 

•    Step three: rank your debts in order of importance. The mortgage bond or rent is usually top priority. Then your car, groceries, etc. Do not neglect your family.  

•    Step four: Try and reduce any of these costs or pay off a credit or store card or any small loan to reduce your overall burden. Think about each debt and see if you can work with your creditors, debt collectors or their attorneys to manage your repayments.



Unable To Do This?       

Then Call Us & Let Us Help You Get Out Of Debt.

Avoid Debt Review & Legal Action.

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1. Earn a NET salary of R12 000 per month. This is your income after deductions
2. Have at least R50 000 worth of total outstanding debt.
3. You must be able to afford to pay at least R4 000 per month towards your debt. This is a requirement to make the program viable for you and acceptable to your creditors.
4. You must not be under debt review, sequestration or administration.



Fill In Our Free Call Back Form And We Will Call You Back.

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