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  • Install Truecaller on your phone, or any similar app found in Google Play Store, to block unwanted calls. 
  • If they do get through to speak to you, insist on dealing with them in writing only. You do not know the person calling and it can be anyone. Even a scam. how to deal with debt collectors
  • Deny, deny, deny. If they maintain you owe money then it is quite simple. They MUST Prove it - you do not have to prove anything. 
  • Ask for a copy of the agreement of the debt that they are referring to PLUS a statement of the debt from inception until today,  showing all debits and credits, so that you can verify it. That is your right!
  • Refuse to discuss anything with them until they are prepared to provide the above in writing.  
  • Never provide your ID number. There are too many scams around and no one will hold that against you.
  • Check your credit record annually. you are entitled to one FREE credit report each year.  
  • If you see a debt that you think might have prescribed, you should lodge a dispute and have it removed. If you are unsure you are welcome to call us to assist you for free.
  • If the caller is rude, cut the call. You do not have to accept or tolerate abuse. Do not get into a mud-slinging match. You are better than them.
  • You have consumer and constitutional rights. Make use of them. 



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If you wish to view and read the Debt Collector's Act click here.